Asian Handicap


Asian Handicap bets are gaining in popularity, and anyone who loved football betting is well to be aware of the basics of this kind of prediction.

While it looks a bit confusing at first look, calculating your Asian handicap winnings is not that difficult to understand, especially since you are familiar with the dynamics of this kind of bet.

In the following rows, we’ll look at what this bet is, give an example of an Asian handicap and explain how this kind of prediction is calculated.

What is Asian Handicap

Asian Handicap is a form of football betting introducing in Indonesia. In recent years, this type of bet has become more and more prevalent in Europe and is being offered by more sports betting sites (bookmakers) due to the flexible and dynamic character.

Why did the Asian handicap become so popular?

The Asian Handicap offers an additional option for betting in games where there is a well-known favourite and the final outcome is clear. An example of such a match is a rivalry between a pretender for the Premier League title and the last one in the standings. In a similar match, the odds for the final winner of the match will be too low for the title contenders. However, the way in which Asian handicap is determined offers us equal chances for both opponents. Yes, the last team will likely lose the match but will it be 2 or more goals margin?

Asian handicap is Value bet?

Another reason why Asian handicap has become so popular is due to their ability to provide stake value. For example, if you like to bet outsiders at high odds, it’s possible to spend weeks without earning, even if you correctly identify which teams to bet on. The Asian Handicap allows players to find value in outsiders and at the same time, they enjoy consistent winnings.

Asian Handicap example and explanation

So what exactly is an Asian handicap? As briefly mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Asian handicap attempts to create a 50-50 situation in which both teams have an equal chance of winning. Depending on the difference in class between the two teams, the line of goals is different. For our example, we will use the Asian Handicap -1.5, which is displayed as follows:

Chelsea -1.5
Sunderland +1.5

Chelsea has suffered a negative handicap of -1.5 goals, and Sunderland’s opponents get a handicap +1.5 goals.

What does this mean?

If you bet Chelsea on this market, they will have to defeat Sunderland with more than 1.5 goals to win this bet, or in other words, Chelsea will have to win with least 2 goals. On the other hand, if you bet on Sunderland at +1.5, your bet will be profitable if they win the match, or end as a draw or they lose with less than 1.5 goals (in other words, 1 goal).

If the result at the end of the match is a Chelsea win over Sunderland with a score of 2: 1 and you bet on Chelsea -1.5, just remove 1.5 goals from Chelsea’s assets. After the simple calculation, the result is the following: Chelsea 0.5: Sunderland 1. Unfortunately, although Chelsea wins the game, your bet is losing because Chelsea did not win by more than 1.5 goals (in other words, 2 goals). If you had bet on the opposite bet – Sunderland +1.5, your bet would have been profitable, although Sunderland lost the game because it lost only 1 goal in advance of +1.5.

Asian Handicap Quarters

So far, the Asian Handicap bet looks easy and does not differ from the European Handicap bet. What creates confusion and headaches among beginners is the Asian handicap quarterly.

This type of Asian handicap, also known as „split“, is used to combine two Asian handicap bets. Consider an example:

Arsenal -1.25
Stoke City +1.25

In this example, Arsenal are the favourites with a negative handicap of -1.25 goals, and Stoke City are ahead of +1.25 goals before the game. What this means?

Let’s say you expect Arsenal to win this game easily and bet $ 100 for them at Asian Handicap -1.25. When you make this bet of $ 100, you actually bet on 2 bets with 50$. One half of 50$ is for Asian handicap Chelsea -1 goal, and the other 50$ you bet for Asian handicap Chelsea -1.5 goals. Combined, the Asian Handicap -1 bet and Asian Handicap -1.5 goals are presented as a combination of Asian Handicap -1.25 goals. It makes sense, does not it?

Let’s say the game is played and Chelsea has only 1 goal difference. Let’s look at what this means for our bet.

50$ for Chelsea Asian Handicap -1.5 goals – unfortunately the bet is losing, as Chelsea have to win with at least 2 goals in order to make a profit, and they won only 1 goal.

50$ for Chelsea Asian Handicap -1 – You were lucky not to lose but you did not win. Chelsea wins only 1 goal and this means that the 50$ bet is restored to your balance.

So your bet for Chelsea -1.25 Asian Handicap looks like this:

Chelsea -1.5, 50$. stake, result: -50$
Chelsea -1, 50$. stake, result: 0$

Although your bet is not profitable, you lose only $ 50 from it.

Still confused? Do not be. Look at things in a different way. Whenever you bet on a quarter of Asian handicap, do not forget that actually two bets are combined.

Asian Handicap Table

If you are still confused, do not be afraid. We’ve developed an easy-to-read Asian handicap chart to help you find out if your Asian handicap bet is profitable within seconds.



Asian Handicap is one of the most dynamic and exciting bets at the moment. Asian Handicap will give you the opportunity to win often even when you bet on teams that are outsiders at a given match.

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