Match : USA vs Paraguay
Competition : International Frendly
Time / Date : 02:30h / 29 March 2018
Venue : Sahlen’s Stadium at WakeMed Soccer Park


The United States of America did not reach them a single point in order to reach at least the play offs for World Cup.

They have played two frendlies game against Bosna and Portugal and both ends as a draw.


Paraguay as their rival in this match will miss the World Cup, they have not reached two points to move Peru off the playoffs place.

They lose 6 of last 8 games ,they failed to score a goal in four of them and conceded two or more goals in four of them.


They played 5 times ,in all of them USA was home team.

USA have 3 wins and 2 loses.


USA meet very weak side and they must defeat Paraguay in order to be able to render their faith in them.

-USA to win @2.20

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