Chievo vs Cagliari : Preview & Tips

Match : Chievo vs Cagliari

Competition : Italy – Serie A

Time / Date : 19:00h / 17 February 2018

Venue : Marcantonio Bentegodi

Chievo lose last game again and now they achieved just 1 wins of their last 15 Serie A games.

Verona have managed just 1 wins in their last 8 home league games

Cagliari make goaless draw last game , that make their unbeaten run to three.

On road is same they didn’t lose any game in last three.

Chievo Verona
Nenad Tomović (Muscular problems)

Cagliari Calcio


H2h meetings

ChievoVerona have defeated Cagliari Calcio in 5 of their last 6 league meetings


Home team failed to score a goal in 5 of last 8 games and lost 7 of them, Cagliari are in better shape right now and I expect to win here.

-Away win @3.00

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